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About Wordpress

Wordpress is a PHP & MYSQL based solution that first reach the internet in 2003. SInce its release it has gathered a considerable share of the internet blogging culture.

As Wordpress is a free product, it is designed to work simply as a blog. However thanks to many internet communities it can be expanded for many used from online portfolios to small business pages.

Also because of the excellent way Wordpress creates its pages and plugin's that are availiable, it makes a brilliant product for those wanting a website that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

What we can do with Wordpress

Wordpress represents a cost effective solution for customers who want to run a website that they can update theirselves, but also want plenty of space for future improvements. We can provide initial installation and configuration of the software, along with theme design, plugin installation/configuration and development as required.

Being part of a hosting provider allows us to call on a wealth of technical knowledge. We can ensure that your Wordpress installation is running to its full potential, and provide an appropriate hosting solution for your traffic levels.

Whether you have an existing Wordpress installation you are not happy with, or you would like a fresh installation, contact us with your requirements.

Wordpress Services

  • Initial Installation and Configuration
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
  • Custom Programming
  • Theme design/alterations
  • Optimisation/upgrade of existing Wordpress
  • Wordpress Hosting (Virtual and Dedicated)
  • Plugin Wordpress Integration
  • Wordpress themes upload
  • Wordpress blog support
  • Templates for wordpress
  • Wordpress with facebook
  • Wordpress website
  • Wordpress backup